MTAA Netherlands visits Shianda after COViD












Finally it was possible again! Three board members of the Netherlands visited MTAA Kenya in November 2022 and March 2023. Taking the pulse, exchanging ideas, making plans: that is best done when meeting face to face.

First, there was a comprehensive meeting with the board of MTAA Kenya. A strategic plan for the next five years is in the works and the activities of the past year were reported in the “narrative of 2022. As a symbol of our connectedness, we planted mango, orange and avocado.

A group of widows, members of MTAA, welcomed us and sang a moving song. These women told how much more resilient they had become because of MTAA’s training. Together you are so much stronger. 


They suggested twenty other widows who would be very happy to attend training. Visiting a group of discordant couples (one of the partners HIV positive, the other negative) also showed great enthusiasm for training: twenty couples are waiting for this.

Visiting the discordant couples



Finally, one hundred HIV-positive youth are waiting for a training in acceptance and learning to live with their disease. MTAA gets the details of these young people as soon as they register at one of the clinics in the area. Unfortunately, the number grows again after prolonged lockdowns.

MTAA can mean a lot to all these people; obviously, money is needed for these trainings… The cooperation with government officials, the vegetable project and the waiting lists for new trainings do show how meaningful and alive MTAA still is!

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