Meeting with teenagers

Men and Traditions Against Aids is a small scale project in West Kenia, which aims at change of behaviour concerning Aids. Men play a crucial part in this. The chiefs and village elders are highly respected and function as keepers of the traditions; with their help MTAA approaches sexually active men and women who run the risk of getting infected. Change of behaviour can reduce that risk.

Traditions form a fundamental part of Kenyan society and change of behaviour is a laborious but necessary process. In the framework of the prevention of AIDS questioning these traditions is essential. MTAA sees to it that, with the help of village elders, perilous traditions replace new and safe habits.

An example of such a tradition is the ‘inheriting’ of widows. When a man dies, his wife is taken over by his brother, who then makes her part of his family and then, according to tradition, has sexual intercourse with her. The consequences are predictable: the deceased has infected his wife; the woman infects the bother who then infects his spouse resulting in a negative spiral development. Only structural change in thinking and acting can break this spiral. This is exactly the aim of MTAA.

MTAA Nederland was founded to support this approach with advice but above all financially. Gifts to MTAA Nederland are deductible from income tax because it is regarded as an organisation for the benefit of the general. Monthly gifts are highly appreciated.

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