In Mumias East, MTAA has 1500 members (2017). After training, groups have been formed in which members support each other to perpetuate their changed behaviour. MTAA has the following target groups: discordant couples (a partner HIV-negative, the other HIV-positive), youth couples, HIV-negative groups, widow groups and – since 2016 – adolescents. Figures from the City Council show that, in Mumias East, the prevalence of HIV is 2.7% whereas the prevalence in Mumias West is 4.6%. The average in Kakamega County is 5.9%. MTAA has, considering the total population, trained a relatively small number of people. The small percentage of HIV infections in Mumias East evidently shows that trained MTAA members have a strong influence on their environment.   

  Encouraging data are:

  • HIV positive members accept and support each other;
  • Mutual financial support;
  • Members show their knowledge and change of behaviour in situations where many people get together, for example at funerals, extending the results of their training;
  • Within groups, except for one, all members have kept their HIV status; no new infections have occurred;
  • Agricultural activities form an important part; they are attended by government officials.

Read here some of the lessons learnt from the past years. Or find out the the succes story of a discordant couple.

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