MTAA as a platform

MTAA is increasingly becoming a platform for different organizations, which gratefully use its facilities (both the building and the organization). This is a positive development because it increases MTAA’s reach. However, the target group remains people living with HIV. A few examples to illustrate this.

The Greenproject under construction


Climate Change Activities at the University Kaimosi is doing a pilot with vegetable planting. Ten MTAA members planted seeds given to them by the organization. The goal is to improve both standards and ideas about good nutrition and the environment. If successful, this approach will be expanded throughout Kakagema county.

USAID Boresha Jamii focuses on young men and adolescents. Topics of workshops include family planning, mother and child counseling, nutrition and preventing teenage pregnancy. Through MTAA’s efforts, 32 young men and 34 adolescents received education on these topics.


Grote opkomst bij een voorlichtingsproject voor adolescenten

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