Ambitious plans

To build a new and own centre for MTAA Kenya has been a longstanding wish. Last year the first steps have been takento accomplish this.

In this centre courses can be given to students, highschool pupils and to health workers from elsewhere. It could be a place for research of the bountiful information MTAA has gathered. Financially this can be beneficial, because the giving of courses and the renting out of rooms will create income. This helps to make MTAA a sustainable and self-reliant organisation. MTAA Nederland supports this initiative strongly.

A plot of land has been bought, the plans are ready. All in all the costs will be about 80.000 euro. Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese) has promised to double the amount of money we will collect. MTAA is included in the charities list of Dutch bank ABN/AMRO. We are doing our utmost best to find new sponsors to help us accomplish this ambitious plan. Your suggestions are welcome!

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