Seropositive Youth becomes ambassador for positive life with HIV

Since April 2016 MTAA has been training HIV-positive adolescents (10-18 years). They form the first generation who were infected from birth and have survived thanks to medication. These trainings were realised thanks to a generous donation of a Dutch friend and another important donor.


In April only a small part of the group turned up and hardly anyone dared to confess being HIV-positive. In August and December, the interest of the young and their parents and caretakers had grown considerably. ‘Coming out of the closet’ was a painful but successful process, taking up several months. In December 2016, the youth were singing out loud ‘we are the Ambassadors’ and they were being frank and honest about their situation. This is the result of three intensive training weeks with information, awareness and interactive lessons about things that concern them directly.

Such as:
– lessons, information and awareness about HIV and Aids. It is important to be aware of your disease;
– how to live positively with HIV and Aids and the stigma connected;
– information on HIV medication, its importance and the risks involved in not taking them;
– sexuality: anatomy, physiology, puberty, knowledge of the various forms (hetero-, homo-, transgender, asexuality), STD, pregnancy and prevention, etc.;
– their role as man or woman in society;
– the influence of medication on the quality of life and sexuality

During the last two days, all parents and caretakers were present. An inventory of the problems among the youth and their parents and caretakers was made and possible solutions were discussed. It was evident that everyone showed considerable involvement. When the young were asked what to call their MTAA group they unanimously chose MTAA Junior Generation and Ambassador.

Read here several impressive testimonies of the MTAA Junior Generation, their caretakers and counsellors.

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